Meet the Team – Nicole


Name:  Nicole Coultes

Age: 46

One thing everyone should know about me:
I enjoy singing and music and being creative through song-but if you are doing any kind of creative craft work-I am not the person to ask for help- as the result is likely to be something akin to a Grade Prep art project.

First trip: 2015  (Candon, Rizal and Vigan)

No. of trips: Just one so far but will go again soon.

Favourite Bible Verse:
“For God did not send his son into the world to be its judge, but to be its saviour” John 3:17. This verse talks about God’s mission in such a clear and simple way.

How we came to be involvedIMG_0356
As regular attendees at Moonee Ponds Baptist Church we learnt about the Philippines mission trip through conversations and events at the church and it got us chatting about it at home. We signed up for two members of our family to go on the 2015 trip before we really new what we had signed up for- but somehow it just seemed like the right choice for us to make. Although we made a plan- God had a better plan and one month before we departed three of us were signed up to go on the Philippines mission trip instead of just two. What a great blessing for us all.

One highlight:
The amazing people we met through the Baptist churches we visited in the Philippines. Many of them had so little in material possessions and yet so much faith and love for God.

One piece of advice for someone thinking about volunteering:
Just do it. I remember thinking what can I offer this trip- I don’t have any particular medical training or skills in ministry. But I trusted that God had a plan for me and he did. I certainly felt that I contributed to the mission but most amazingly I felt God’s presence in my life in a way I had not really experienced before.

Personal Prayer: Please pray for all those touched by the experience of the Philippines mission trip. Pray for those in the Philippines that they may feel God’s presence through this trip and experience greatness in their communities. Pray for those involved in Australia organizing and planning for the trip, helping fundraise and being involved in the numerous activities that are necessary in preparation for a great mission.


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